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OUTREACH TEAMS.  Taking expressions of interest. 
Metal Minds Robotics are starting up teams across the state. If your child has no access to a robotics team and they would like to be part of a FIRST Lego League team please contact Kathryn at admin@metalmindsrobotics.com wherever you are in Tasmania.

Check out below for team details.  Our latest team has started up in LaTrobe covering Devonport and surrounds.  

 Metal Minds Robotics Inc.  

Started in 2013 by Harry with his friends, Damon, Alex, Emma and Matthew and their two mentors Jon and Bruce. Today Metal Minds has grown and has around 20 members and several mentors.     Our teams have also won several awards.  We have three tiers,  FLL (FIRST Lego League),  FTC (FIRST Tech Challenge)  and FRC (FIRST Robotic Competition).

Competing in competition is dependent on funding and engagement of the student.  We aim to take the children to competition each year, after several months of workshops and coaching to bring them up to competition standard.

Want to join us?

For a child to join our teams they must be 11 years or older.   Our intake is in February, we offer places to existing members first and any spaces that become available thereafter are offered to a child on our waiting list.  It is preferable that children 11 – 15 years have some experience programming an EV3/ using Lego Technic and children over 15 years have some experience using hand tools, maths and/or programming Java.

Team members are expected to fully engage in the program and undertake any homework and research set by the mentors.    If a student disengages or becomes disinterested regularly the mentors will contact the parents and discuss if robotics is the right thing for them and whether they should continue.

Offseason is February to August.  Competition season is August to December.  During the offseason, students are taught, design, build, programming and teamwork, these are things that cannot be done in the short window of time once the competition season starts.

For more information please click here

We have yearly subscriptions to assist with the running of the teams.   The subscriptions do not cover all the running costs and costs such as travel and accommodation to the national competitions are in addition.  Subscriptions are payable in one payment or 3 payments on invoice.  All subscriptions are expected to be paid by the end of the financial year (June). Subscriptions are non-refundable.

We mentor children from 11- 18 years in program, design, CAD and build of robotics using Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).
Research challenges facing today’s scientists
Design, build, test and program robots.
Apply real-world math and science concepts
Learn critical thinking, team-building, public speaking and presentation skills
Participate in public events,  tournaments and celebrations
Understand and practice Gracious Professionalism@

Our Goals

Metal Minds goal each year is to teach children how to work together, to teach them to treat each other as equals, whether that is their teammate, ally or their opponent.  

Our mentors are all volunteers.   They are also learning new techniques and challenges as the workshops evolve and the software and challenges change.
We encourage the children to speak up, to think for themselves, to look at what they are doing and evaluate how it went… if it worked, what did they do right and if it didn’t why?  Even in competition, they need to be able to think on their feet and work it out in a short time frame.
We encourage students to hold presentations about the teams to schools, community groups and officials. 

Our Club consists of 4 teams. 

   FIRST Robotics Competiton Team.  FRC. 16  – 18 yrs.

Joining this team is dependent on the students ability and progress from FTC. We suggest a student does a couple of years in FTC before moving to FRC. 

FIRST Tech Challenge Team.  FTC. 15 – 18 yrs.

  FIRST Lego League Team Launceston. FLL.  11- 15 yrs of age

FIRST Lego League Team Mersey. FLL. 10 – 15 yrs.
Covering Latrobe, Devonport and surrounds.

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