We don’t treat our members like robots.

We find our team members individual strengths and encourage them to develop. They are individuals that make up a team. No one member is better than the next. We, at Metal Minds believe in coopertition where being the best isn’t important, its about supporting each other even if that means by helping another team in competition they beat us. We believe each child should be nurtured to their strengths and taught new ones along the way.

We don’t treat our members like robots.  Watch the video clip below.


Brixhibtion and two worn out robots

A successful weekend at the Brixhibtion.  Over 7000 people came through the doors over the two days.

The teams two Sabrina robots wore out their plates and consumed numerous batteries.   People queued to have a go with the two robots who the team had set up to play footy.


Thank you to everyone who came and supported our team.

Harry explaining what their robot does    20140427_160927