FIRST Tech Challenge

FTC Team in Texas.  In April 2018 three members of our FTC team made it to the World Championships in Texas.  This is the first time one of our teams had made it to the world championships.
Competing against teams from all over the world it was an experience and learning curve that they enjoyed immensely.  For 6 weeks prior our committee and team members fundraised so they had enough money to get themselves and their 2 mentors and 2 parents across the pond.  One team members uncle flew in from Vancouver to support the team and drove their minivan around Houston.

Skystone 2019…Enterprise

Robot Enterprise went to the FTC nationals in Sydney in December. The team came away with the Judges Award for their innovated collabration with bitwiseag working on vine robots.

Relic Recovery 2018… S.I.M.O.N

Simon also went to the world championships in Texas in April where the team performed on the world robotics stage for the first time.  They came 50/138.  There were plenty of experienced teams at the championships from all over the world, so for little old Tassie that was not a bad result.

Relic Recovery 2017….S.I.M.O.N

Named after the robot in Tomb Raider.   Every weekend from September to December was taken up with the whole team playing their part, building, programming designing  SIMON their robot.  SIMON won them the Innovate Award for some of their ‘innovated” mechanisms.

If you are interested in seeing what the 2017 challenge was that the team had to get SIMON to do, check out this clip.

Velocity Vortex 2016…Wilbur

Our challenge for last year was Velocity Vortex.  The team competed well and conducted themselves according to FIRST principles.   Click Velocity Vortex FTC Challenge 2016 to see what the team needed their robot to do.  We didn’t place in 2016 but came away with some great ideas on how to make our team more competitive in 2017!  Wilbur served his time and we respected his wishes to become an organ donor.  Nothing goes to waste with Metal Minds!  Wilbur was Some Robot.

Cascade Effect Challenge 2014… Marvin

Challenge 2014.   Cascade Effect

To understand what this challenge entails please  watch the YouTube video via this link:

Marvin is named after Marvin the Paranoid Android from Hitchhikers Guide the Galaxy.  He had the brain the size of a planet which we thought was apt with the team being called Metal Minds. Marvin competed in the Cascade Effect Challenge.

Marvin competed in the Cascade Effect Challenge.  This involved him picking up balls and depositing them into rolling goals as well as a 30-second automatous section where he had to put balls into a static goal by himself.   The rolling goals are different heights so Marvin had to be able to lift balls into each of these.  He can extend to about 1.7018 metres approx which was done by his two team handlers during the competition. The photo of Harry stood next to Marvin does not show Marvin fully extended.

Click the link to see the automatous testing of Marvin 

The making of Marvin

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Block Party Challenge. 2013. STEVE

I am STEVE the “Block Party” Robot of the Metal Minds Robotics Team. The team named me after Steve of mine craft fame.
I evolved from ideas the team created to be the machine you see today. I have Autonomous control as well as human-operated controls. I must also add I can suspend myself from a bar and pick up bricks.
I competed in the 2013/14 National Championships in Sydney, the Team and I came 4th Overall, with 3rd Place in the Inspire award and 1st Place in the control award.
I, sorry, we, have been asked to represent Australia at the Asia Pacific Invitational in July 2014.    I got to meet other robots, made it into the quarterfinals and came 9th overall. 
  • Challenge 2013

The Challenge is “Block Party”, a series of robotic exercises to test ingenuity and programming skills.

The Challenge has two parts, 30-second autonomous section, where the robot runs with no operator input, then a 2-minute Remote Control section, including a 30-second end game. The robot will need to collect as many 50mm plastic cubes as possible and place them in pendulum baskets. The challenge has multiple parts with various points being awarded for different robotic skills. Collecting Blocks, Raising Flags and Hanging over a bridge.


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